Our services

When you need a second opinion on important decisions it is useful to get an outside source to test ideas and plans on. Bar|Mark offers advise on all levels and in all variants of complexity and adjusted to your particular business.

Always with the goal to make you more profitable, increase sales and optimize your resources.



Bar|Mark is the ideal partner to develop or test your :

 Sales strategy

 Export strategy

 Marketing strategy

 Market profile and communication

 Action plans in sales and marketing

 Specific challenges in your sales force

 Evaluation or selection of sales and distribution channels

 Entrance into a new market

 Product development plan

 How to build a new customer relation or make an existing one more profitable


Bar|Mark is a consultancy with major experience in the sales and marketing of products, services and projects to both professionals and private end-user markets in Europe, North-America and the Middle-East.


Bar|Mark is also available for representation of selected products in the Scandinavian markets. Please contact us.